fuck off bitches. 19 years of age. get a life. grow up. disneyland. get over yourself. stop being self centered. guess what the world doesn't evolve all around you. yada yada yada dont bring me drama. fuck off again

14th February 2012

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Valentines Day

A holiday that single people dont like, ugly people dont like, i know a couple of ugly people who are probably sad about this holiday, to bad no one will date her cos of her ugly looking face, hopefully one day she can get that fixed and get a better shaped body, =), knowing the feeling that she like me was the most disqusting feeling ive ever got just by knowing she like me, i got the jeeper creepers hahaha, her face just looks like she always starring you at you, you can never who she is starring at sometimes its like shes giving you dirty looks and you can never tell but thats just her face haha happy valentines day!

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